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15FQ+ Questionnaire guarantee complex personality assessment. The 15FQ+ is based on one of the most researched and respected models of personality, identifying behavior preferences across Cattell’s 16 personality constructs (Cattell, 1946) and the big five personality traits (McCrae and Costa, 1987) in the three areas: interpersonal style, thinking style, coping style. 15FQ+ Personality Questionnaire also assess additional criteria such as: emotional intelligence, team roles, leadership style, influencing style and subordinate style.

The report presents 16 dimensions in three major areas:

Thinking style: this section provides insight into the candidate’s way of achieving goals, acting and thinking style. It describes level of conceptuality, need for creating new ideas, approaches and openness for change. It also gives information whether candidate is very much detail oriented and has preference for rigid planning and organizing his activities.

Interpersonal style: this section presents candidates’ preference for building relationships with other people based on trust and openness. It describes whether candidate feel comfortable in building new relationships and his/her level of self-confidence in presenting own opinions in-front of others. This section also gives information if candidate prefers working within a team and enjoy supporting others or rather prefers independence is relations with others.

Coping style: this section provides insight how candidate is dealing with difficult situations, set-backs, challenges.

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