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Our service called Discovering Talent was created to support companies in identifying and developing high potentials and future leaders. We create custom-made talent programs based on objective assessment, including key competences essential for the high potentials (Hi-Po) group.

Discovering Talent programs give the possibility of:

  • Defining the talent profile in an organisation aiming to support the selection of the Hi-Po groups
  • Diagnosing areas, which may limit the future development of Hi-Po group. The program participants may expand their knowledge about strengths and weaknesses and potential derailments during individual development feedback sessions.
  • This knowledge is critical for avoiding the pitfalls and inadequate behaviours that might appear especially in stressful situations. It is so important as those behaviours may influence the Hi-Po’s effectiveness in an organisation and block them from facing the difficult or demanding challenges.

Discovering Talent are proprietary programs by Performance Quality created by true experts in diagnosing potential and development feedback.

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