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Within Executive Evaluation we support our clients in decision making process in recruitment or promotion of executives holding key-positions in organizations. The aim of this service is to introduce some additional criteria to selection process in order to enhance accuracy of the competences and potential evaluation. The idea behind this service is to create additional source of objective opinion, allowing the clients to reduce the risk of mismatching a candidate with the role and organisation’s culture. We use advanced diagnostic methods to support the proper evaluation of key personality aspects, critical to assess candidate fit to the position.

This process consist of the following three milestones:

  1. Defining and in-depth specifying with the client of all the objectives of a given role as well as challenges a candidate may face while holding this position.
  2. Conducting on-line assessment and behavioural interview with candidate related to the defined job profile, in order to deepen the knowledge about candidate’s competences and possible risk areas in reference to specific requirements.
  3. Presentation of the results together with an in-depth analysis of the profile with regards to the pre-defined objectives to support the decision-making process.

These kinds of projects are conducted by the highly qualified experts with many years of experience in executive search.

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