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Leadership Development programs are dedicated for the executives. These programs develop self-awareness among leadership in an organisation and aim at improving their effectiveness.

These programs consist of two parts: workshops and individual feedback sessions. The workshops are based on the concept of Leadership Derailment and serve as an inspiration for executives to address the risk of those behaviours and stimulate them to pursue further individual development. Leadership Development programs include both theoretical background and case studies based on the leadership research as well as practical examples helping to develop the leadership skills.

These programs are customized to the specific functions of a given group of senior managers, also taking into account the company’s industrial sector.

Additional element of these programs is individual feedback sessions during which the leaders have the opportunity to explore their individual derailment profiles. The goal of these sessions is to increase their self-awareness and their style of influencing others. Furthermore, it will help senior managers effectively manage the potential derailment factors and increase their effectiveness.

Workshops and feedback sessions are led by highly qualified experts from PQ. They have many years of experience in working with executives and are well familiar with what kind of problems and challenges the managers face at that level of management. The competences of the Performance Quality experts guarantee the highest level of quality and effectiveness.

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