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Recruitment Efficiency is a service we offer to support recruitment processes for middle management. The goal of this service is to increase the recruitment effectiveness through unification of the processes, creation of defined positions profiles, and reduction of employees’ turnover by promoting clear and consistent selection rules. In such projects we use effective methods of personality assessment as well as analytical skills.

As for defining the requirements for certain positions and creating recruitment profiles, we diagnose the following areas: cooperation with a team, project management, operational effectiveness, sales potential, development through changes, effective execution under time pressure. An additional element to this process may be the diagnosis of analytical abilities.

This process consists of the following milestones:

  1. Deeper understanding of existing recruitment processes in the company and defining potential problems or reasons for lack of effectiveness.
  2. Running diagnostic and competence tests with a selected group achieving best results in the organisation with the aim to define the key competencies as success factors.
  1. Creating job profiles and an interview guide for behavioural interviews. The interview questions relate to personality traits defined as the success factors, taking into account specific industry character of a company.
  2. Presentation of test results in reference to project criteria, including detailed analysis of created profiles.
  3. Supporting the implementation process of a new recruitment tool.

These kinds of projects are conducted by the highly qualified experts with many years of business experience in the field of increasing recruitment and selection effectiveness in organisations.

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