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Team Effectiveness are workshops tailored to the needs of each team, regardless of the area of specialization. Based on advanced diagnostic methods, we work with teams in such areas as: developing effective communication through learning about individual differences and defining group dynamics. Exploration of group dynamics refers to four main areas of team functioning: exploring, leading, operating and reviewing, as for which we define strengths of the team and areas for development. The goal of the workshop is to work out effective methods of communication and better cooperation as well as to draft a recovery plan.

This process consist of the following milestones:

  1. In-depth analysis of existing difficulties, lack of effectiveness, as well as specification of the goals behind development activities. All this is done together with the Team Manager.
  2. Diagnosing the team with personality questionnaire and preparing statistical analysis of the team dynamic. The results provided reflect the scores of both the entire group and of individuals.
  1. Developing and conducting a workshop with regards to the identified client’s needs.
  1. Providing individual feedback sessions in order to increase respondents’ awareness of their scores against the group and providing recommendations for personalized development plan.

Workshops for teams are both created and delivered by qualified experts with vast experience in the subject of building and conducting development programs for key individuals in organizations.

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