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Produkty PQ   Produkty PQ

Portfolio of tools used by Performance Quality includes high-class psychometric assessments of personality, values, potential and abilities, as well as advanced systems of 360 degrees evaluation. We use a wide range of multidimensional personality questionnaires and advanced abilities tests, which we carefully select to choose the most predictive and effective ones.

For us diagnostics is a very significant and an integral part of our work and the services we offer. For this reason we select tools which we find most accurate and most effective in our work. We always strive to maintain the highest quality and standards of our methodological portfolio. That is why we have standardized all the tools in Poland according to the highest psychometric rigour.

Performance Quality Team consists of well-qualified psychologists and psychometricians, who always focus on the accurate selection and best performance of the assessment tools. Their expertise not only allows choosing the right methodology in line with the goals and assumptions behind the projects, but also providing opportunity to conduct in-depth analysis of the clients’ needs. Therefore, we continuously extend our products portfolio by more sophisticated methodologies. Additionally, we actively work on promoting the highest standards of proper and ethical usage of psychometric tools in Poland. We participate in various business symposiums concerning psychometric tools. We have also been engaged in establishing process of the Polish accreditation commission, which will be responsible for implementing international psychometric standards according to the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) guidelines.

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