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Produkty PQ   Produkty PQ

The Sova Assessment designs and delivers innovative online assessments that are more engaging for candidates and provide fairer, more accurate results.

Sova incorporates the latest research on the use of timing within cognitive ability assessments. There is an increasing body of research that shows that men and women’s responses to stress, and therefore the presence of a countdown timer within traditional ability tests are different. We believe this ‘time limited’ approach directly contributes to the levels of adverse impact often seen in ability tests. When taking one of our assessments candidates are informed that the test will not be time limited and there is no timer displayed on the screen. They can take as long as they need to answer each question – but the amount of time taken to respond will be recorded. A combination of accuracy and time taken to respond is then used to calculate the final results. This is a core feature of our assessment methodology and it enables us to minimises adverse impact within the selection process.

Adaptive question technology is included to create a dynamic candidate experience whereby the test and therefore the content and difficultly level candidates are presented with changes in real time. The use of adaptive ability tests enables us access the true analytical capacity  and learning potential of the candidate with a higher degree of speed and precision.

Sova works with organisations to evidence that the solutions we create are working and adding value. Recent findings include:

  • Up to 90% of individuals predicted by the assessments to be high performers were also independently rated as high performers by their line managers.
  • Increased applicant-to-hire ratio and reduced number of assessment Centres needed leading to significant cost savings.
  • Time to hire has been reduced and average completion rates of 80% benchmarks very highly against other assessment processes involving multiple stages (often anything from 70% down to as low as 45%).
  • The Sova methodology, incorporating a multi method and time lined approach, leads to a fairer selection process and more even balance of candidates coming though and is an essential component of ensuring a robust and legally defensible assessment solution.
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