Performance Quality is a consulting company, which was established with the aim to provide continuous support for our clients in developing people with the highest potential at each organizational level.

Our biggest advantage is the team of experienced consultants, whose knowledge and expertise support the creation and implementation of the high-end talent development and leadership programs within organizations.

The purpose of our activity is in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs to provide the most optimal solution. For that reason, each of our projects is tailor-made, taking all, even the most specific demands, into consideration.

Many years of experience in working with the executives on the executive search and leadership development projects give us an excellent base to build relations, even with the most demanding clients.

The wide range of our competences includes trainer skills that allow us to conduct development workshops for the management teams. In addition to that our experience in working with the individual clients, gives us an ability to conduct unique in-depth competence interviews and development sessions.

Performance Quality concept is based on knowledge but also on the sophisticated assessment methodology. In our projects, we use whole spectrum of diagnostic tools, which allow us to make comprehensive analysis of competences, personality, values, and motivation. Our consultants have an unique, high-level expertise not only in using the psychometric tools but also in introducing a number of leading psychometric methodologies from the British, American, and Scandinavian markets to the Polish market. This unique and expert knowledge, combined with the usage of the wide spectrum of the diagnostic methods, ensure that our clients will assume an accurate and ethical approach to recruitment, development processes, and employees’ promotion. The methodologies used in our projects meet the highest level of research standards and provide reliable information about the candidates.

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